Linjärmodul med skenstyrning DST P/DSK P

Linjärmodul med skenstyrning DST P/DSK P Skenstyrning DST P/DSK P

Spindle drives

Sizes: 120, 160, 200

This unit consists of a rectangular aluminium profile with 2 integrated rail guides. The carriage is driven by means of a rotating spindle with leading nut. Where two parallel linear units are used or where two carriages are mounted on one unit, the leading-nut receiver can be used to adjust the symmetry of the carriages. A special curved aluminium sheet is covering the carriage side. There is only a small gap between carriage and aluminium sheet. The cover profile can be adjusted according to the mounting position.


Mats Florens

Bahr Modultechnik

Bahr Modultechnik är en av Europas största tillverkare av linjärmoduler.

Som återförsäljare av Bahr Modultechnik kan vi erbjuda färdiga systemlösningar till en mängd olika appli…

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